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Insta Hack: Should You Have Two Instagram Accounts?

This is the million-dollar question for many real estate agents in any market. The short answer? We believe in both. Why you ask? Well, it all depends on your business, goals and inspirational strategy. There are a few key factors to consider when making that decision – to have one account that reflects both your business and personal life or to have two accounts, one account for each portion of your world.

  1. Consistency. First, consider how active you are on social media and where you want to be in a few weeks or months. If you’re more active and are comfortable sprinkling in the work and the play, one account may be just fine for you. On the flip side, you prefer to keep your personal life private, are less active and are more interested in sending your audience to your business profile – similar to sending them to your agent website – two accounts may be best for you. The idea is to stay consistent. You wouldn’t want a client to go looking for you and come up empty-handed in one place and not the other.

  2. Aesthetics. It's important that your content is attractive and displays organized content. You want your page to emphasize what you are trying to portray. Therefore, it's important to key a theme of some sort, so it doesn’t appear scattered or random.

  3. Engagement. This critical element starts with you, friends! The process begins by following and engaging with people you know, colleagues and neighbors in your target area or other agents. Taking the leap to build a following can be strange at first, but it only takes a matter of time for your profile to gain the recognition it deserves. People follow a profile for three reasons: 1- they know you or the area, 2- their friends know you or the area and/or 3- you offer something they want to see or utilize.

When it comes to making all of this happen, we’re here to help! It’s our thing – to make you stand out above the crowd, to help achieve your goals. There isn’t one answer for everyone, so let’s talk about it!

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